Hybrid Admissions Advisor-Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA, ARL - Strategic Enrollment Title IV

Hybrid Admissions Advisor-Arlington, VA


Our admissions advisors are the first point of contact for prospective students, so we are looking for engaging, warm, enthusiastic people who will quickly create meaningful relationships. We hire colleagues who are passionate about the value of higher education, and who want to help our students take the first step in continuing their education.


  • The role of the admissions advisor is to reach out to individuals via phone, or through video conferencing, take incoming calls and place outbound calls to prospective students
  • Admissions advisors interview prospective students to determine their motivation for attending college; understand their career goals and the obstacles that might prevent them from starting or continuing their education; help them to overcome those obstacles; and ultimately help them identify the degree-program that best matches their needs.
  • During the interview advisors present information about the benefits of education and DeVry University, tailoring their message to the student's needs, motivation, and career goals.
  • Once prospective students decide to enroll, advisors guide them through the admissions process, responding to questions, linking them to financial aid and academic advisors, gathering the documents necessary to start school, and ensuring students complete admissions testing.
  • By networking and building relationships with their students, admissions advisors identify and contact other prospective students.


    • Have a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent relevant experience
    • Work Schedule M-F 2 Days 11am-8pm, 3 days 9am-6pm EST
    • Able to sit and work at a desk and on the computer for extended periods of time
    • Must have a quiet, distraction-free work environment without any conflicting responsibilities during your scheduled shift
    • Home office must have DSL or Cable Internet that is hardwired into a modem/router via Ethernet (Dial up, Wireless, or Satellite internet service cannot be used)
    • Have a passion for education and the desire to help prospective students achieve their educational and career goals
    • Enjoy listening to, and talking with prospective students over the phone, getting to know them, and creating a meaningful relationship
    • Possess the skills needed to craft well-written, compelling messages to our students and fellow colleagues
    • Have the desire to work with a team, and toward the team's goals, while also working independently and being internally motivated